Director’s Desk

The signature of L.N. Mishra Institue of Economic Development & Social Change is its commitment to the total process by which proper development and wise utilization of human resource of a nation is achieved. Development of top skills is the most important factor in human capital formation as it is also the key in bridging the unbridgeable divide between billion-dollar homes and millions living in slums.

A society without pride in its past cannot look forward to a great future. The country has scientific temper since Indus Valley civilization. There have been theories formulated in that era even without the help of instruments to do research, collect data and make inferences. But from 600 AD till independence, we remained an oppressed lot and hence scientific creativity suffered immensely. Post-Independence, we have really blossomed. There was a tendency among youth not to apply knowledge. Once they started applying it, they would start creating and innovating. Building managers with unique talents use their knowledge effectively to provide solutions to myriad problems faced by Indians in the rural areas and the population living below the poverty line.

L.N Mishra Institue of Economic Development & Social Change produces genius, giant and gentlemen, a 21st century need. For a challenging career and bright future, we believe in one formula, -Excellence. The Institute embodies the spirit of achievement. Our journey with the institute is that of progress.

Advanced is the mind that knows its path. It is one of the leading centers of learning in India and is best equipped with global expertise, robust infrastructure and always happy to help and ensure that our talented teams are kept seamlessly ticking across the country. Our inspiring teachers using newly acquired skills train students to develop analytical and practical skills that go beyond text books to create a better life for all.